Market Dealer | Content Repurposing 101
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Content Repurposing 101

Content generally has a lifespan. It starts when you hit ‘publish’ and it ends when people stop reading it. But all too often, that lifespan is short.

Content repurposing allows you to get more return on investment by extending your content’s lifespan, maximize reach and performance. All that time and energy put into creating content, rather than whisking up one-hit-wonders, you can turn your content into a track on a “Best of Album”. A classic people will revisit each time they are reminded of how good it is.

To put it simply, repurposing your content means using the content already published on your website blog to create more content in different forms. To determine which content is worth repurposing, start by reviewing the posts that had the highest traffic on your website, or the most social media likes and shares.

So, Let’s get down to it

1. Social Media Post

We’ll start with a very basic technique: repurposing blog content into a social media post. Blog posts can make equally good ‘microblogs’ on platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

This is not necessarily trying to promote the blog post directly; you are simply recycling the message and a summary of the main points in the original blog post into a shorter format on a different platform. This is an incredibly easy way to get more from your blog content – and not letting your evergreen content go stale.


2. Basic Video

Next up: Video. Now creating a video can be a fairly time-consuming project, but repurposing your content into a basic video, is worth it! Videos are becoming the most popular online medium and a very common way people search for information online.

Turning a blog post into a shareable, eye-catching video that you can share online in a matter of minutes means you are appealing to more audiences and extending your reach. For users who missed your epic blog post the first time around, now have a chance of seeing it in a much brighter light.


3. Shareable Graphics

Visual content is more likely to get shares, likes and comments than basic text content posts. So, another way you can repurpose your blog post content – turn them into infographics!

Infographics are the darlings of the content world. They are informative, easy to read, and boy do they get around. Infographics can be huge undertakings, requiring extensive research and design but the human brain processes image 60 000 times faster than text, so it is most defiantly worth it.


4. Take a Shortcut

If you are unable to repurpose the content yourself, get a Digital Marketing Agency to do it for you. Companies like MDH Digital are more than willing to do the work for you if you have the budget!

Have we missed anything? If you have got more tips, tricks or tools for content repurposing, let us know in the comments!