Market Dealer | METAMORPHIC DESIGN: Consumers Demand Relevance as A Service.
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METAMORPHIC DESIGN: Consumers Demand Relevance as A Service.

Metamorphic Design – Consumers Demand Relevance as A Service.

A fragment of the story of consumerism has always been relevant. The desire to “get back” things from the world that is relevant to YOU. Things that are a perfect fit, something that is personalised to YOU.

In this post, we will look at the culture of constant upgrades and change that has always been a part of online services move from the digital sphere into the physical world.
Where the physical objects around us now update, change and evolve in the way that our apps on our phones do. We view this as objects going through a Metamorphic Design as time progresses, for example, the evolution of the digital dash in vehicles.

The term Metamorphic stems from the word metamorphosis: meaning “a change of the form or nature of a thing or person into a completely different one”.

This has bought us to a point where consumers have expectations of constant adaption and personalisation. The big question is how do those expectations evolve into 2020 and beyond?

We believe that it has merged with another big trend “Everything as a Service”.

We going to see that “Everything as a Service” mindset and the convenience of it merge with the expectations of constant updates and personalisation.

The future of personalisation is relevant as a service. Consumers are saying,

“Yes, give me the convenience of everything as a service but give me relevance as a service too”.

That is what Metamorphic design is all about. It is about products, services and experience that constantly “change form” around the changing need of the consumer over time.

Let us look at this “Everything is a Service” mindset consumers have!

Subscription Services

We all see how subscription service form part of the “Everything is a Service “mindset.

Rather than selling a product individually, a subscription service offers periodic (monthly, yearly, or seasonal) use or access to a product or service. It becomes a rolling service and the consumer enjoys the convenience of it.

How are subscription services going through a metamorphosis?

Let’s take health supplements as an example.

Everyone would love to find the perfect nutritional supplement, the formula that is personalised to them. It is incredibly hard to figure out with thousands of products on the shelves offering similar benefits. Underlying that, of course, that fact that there is no “one perfect” product for you! Since you are an organic being that is changing and evolving over time, your nutritional needs will be change over time.

Look at how the Baze subscription service addresses that need:

Baze delivers nutritional supplements that change and evolve over time as your needs do.

The way it works is that Baze customers use a device to capture a small amount of blood, which is sent to Baze for testing. They analyse your blood to find your nutritional needs and send you a monthly box of the perfect set of vitamins and supplements based on your nutritional needs. Every quarter you repeat that blood test, Baze reanalysis your blood and shift or upgrade the supplements they send you based on your latest blood test.

So, as you change physiological, the supplements you are receiving change. This gives you not only “Nutritional wellbeing as a Service” it is relevant and personalised as a service too.

“Yes, give me the convenience of delivering supplements to my doorstep every month as service but give me personalisation of the supplements as a service too”.

This example is found in technologies that make it possible. You might not go out and create an evolving supplement network, but this is such a powerful signal of an underlying expectation that is deeply meaningful for you.

What you need to be asking is what “Relevance and Personalisation as Service” mean for your business. What type of personalisation do customers in your industry expect from you in 2020 and beyond?