Market Dealer | Micro-Moments: Are They Really a Thing?
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Micro-Moments: Are They Really a Thing?

Micro-Moments: Are They Really a Thing?

The behaviour of ‘the today consumer’ is rapidly changing as media consumption rises and attention spans decrease. According to Google, 91% of smartphone users look up information while busy with a task, and 69% of online consumers agree that quality, timing, or relevance can influence their perception of a brand.

This change in consumer behaviour has made marketers battle for their respective audiences’ hearts, minds, and money in micro-moments.


What Are Micro-Moments?

When you hear the term micro-moments, the first thing you might think of is marketers interacting with consumers in real-time, or ‘in the moment’. According to Google, micro-moment marketing revolves around intent-rich moments. In these moments, users turn to a device, like a tablet or a smartphone, to act on a specific need. A need can include going somewhere, plus knowing, doing, or buying something.


But taking advantage of a micro-moment does not require marketing teams to be present and active at any time — they just need the right kind of content for the right kind of moment. To make the most of micro-moments, marketers need to:

  1. Identify when consumers want to buy – Talk to your customers or listen to online discussions in your industry to figure out when, where, and how they’re researching and making purchase decisions.
  2. Identify and measure other moments that matter – Plot every customer interaction and analyze how multiple and different channels work together to support your customers.
  3. Make sure you are present in the consumer’s micro-moment(s) – Once you figure out where and when your customers do these researches, create a comprehensive strategy that works across channels such as search, video, social, and display.
  4. Create relevant content around these moments – Simply being there in these moments isn’t enough. Look at how people are searching – the questions they ask, the search terms they use – and create content that provides helpful answers.
  5. Allow consumers to find information and convert as easily as possible – The purchase process should be simple and seamless. Give the consumer multiple ways to buy with as many instructions and as few clicks as possible.


Why Does Micro-Moment Marketing Matter?

Micro-moments absolutely have a massive impact on the consumer experience, they are a complete game-changer for marketers. This is because users are not searching for a brand, but they are searching for a business, product, or service that fulfils a particular need. This change in user intent makes micro-moment marketing even more important than ever.


To break it down even further, you can market to micro-moments by focusing on the five W’s:

  1. WHO – You need to understand who your target market is and find ways to win them over, every time!
  2. WHAT – Research what your target audience searches for in each micro-moment to build a smart strategy.
  3. WHERE – A great marketing technique is researching where people search, as well as where they go on your website.
  4. WHEN – The when of a micro-moment can also help your business develop a smart and performance-driven micro-moment marketing campaign.
  5. WHY – It’s essential for your company to answer the “WHY” of a user. A user may wonder why they should visit your restaurant, versus the one that’s five minutes closer.


Start Micro-Moment Marketing Now!

Luckily for us, although this “micro-moments” idea was introduced by Google in 2015, most brands are still sticking to the old linear buyer funnel.

Understanding what your consumers want is the number one way to continue your success.

Micro-Moment Marketing is a trusted way to improve the customer’s journey and brand awareness, as well as, increase your company’s revenue and accelerate its growth. That is why it is a must-use strategy.

Are you ready to adopt? Contact MDH Digital, an award-winning agency to get you started on your Micro-Moment Marketing Strategy that can transition your company from ‘Good to Great’.