Market Dealer | What Tactics Should E-Commerce Brands Use to Attract Customers
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What Tactics Should E-Commerce Brands Use to Attract Customers

What Tactics Should E-Commerce Brands Use to Attract Customers


In the world of E-Commerce, many profitable strategies have been based around retaining customer bases and increasing brand loyalty, and the idea of building new relationships with new customer bases has been often looked over!

But how exactly would one expect an E-Commerce Brand to find new customers?
What E-Commerce Marketing Strategies would this brand have to implement?
And it is easy finding, identifying, and growing these new customer bases?

The simple answer to all these questions is YES!

YES, YOU CAN find, identify, and grow these customer bases.
YES, YOU CAN study, learn, cater to, and talk like your new customer bases.
YES, YOU CAN attract, retain, and optimize profits from these new customer bases.
All you must do is shift your mindset from E-Commerce to Social Commerce!

What is Social Commerce?

“Social Commerce is what happens when marketers take the best of E-Commerce and combine it with social media”.

-Stacey McLachlan


It is the process of selling your products directly on social media, where 53% of the world is situated – so why not take advantage of this global village? With Social Commerce, you can provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers – from product discovery to research, to check-outs, and more – without even leaving the platform!


Social Commerce vs. E-Commerce


E-Commerce refers to a shopping experience via a website or a dedicated branded app, whereas social commerce allows the customer to make their purchase decision on the social media platform. So why is Social Commerce worth the shot?

  1. Social commerce makes shopping a social experience.
  2. Social commerce removes friction.
  3. Social commerce is lucrative.
  4. Social commerce offers an instant focus group.
  5. It is where Millennials and Gen Z like to shop.


Six Tips for Effective Social Commerce


Having a Social Commerce Marketing Strategy will require you to implement certain Social Media Tips and Tricks to make your strategy more effective. Consider:

  1. Engaging with your followers: Answer questions, offer value and interesting content to create a great social commerce experience.
  2. Listening Strategically: Set up social monitoring across all platforms can be a great way to gather insights and feedback.
  3. Encouraging Reviews: Did you know that 93% of online shoppers say a review can make or break their decision.
  4. Targeting Your Reach: To enable you to get your product, services, or shop in front of the right people.
  5. Removing Moments of Friction: Make your purchase process easy and set up chatbots to answer customers’ FAQs.
  6. Pricing your Products to Move: As consumers are less likely to splurge on something with a larger price point.


Having a Social Commerce Strategy Does Not Mean Not Having an E-Commerce Strategy


While having a Social Commerce Strategy, you may be tempted to neglect your E-Commerce Strategy. So, let us take it back to basics, by highlighting some of the tactics for increasing the number of visitors to your site:

  1. Personalize your Home Page: There is no second chance to a first impression, so make this one count by implementing a personalized shopping experience through machine learning extensions that display dynamic content.
  2. Increase your Search Visibility: Optimize your website’s SEO by:
    • Creating content that matches and answers questions asked by customers.
    • Matching long-tail keywords and phrases that new customers are interested in.
    • Updating your content regularly.
  3. Use High-Quality Images and Product Descriptions: More than 70% of people place the ability to zoom on images as the highest priority factor when deciding whether to make a purchase. Therefore, the better your product looks, the more likely customers will buy it!
  4. Run a Sales Promotion: Did you know that Emails with Discount Codes receive 2.5x  Higher Transaction Rates? Consider promotional content in your e-commerce strategy!
  5. Implement PPC Advertising: For high purchase intent searches, paid advertising nets 65% of all clicks, making it one of the best techniques for attracting new customers.
  6. User-Generated Content: Employ UGC as 92% of people lean towards trusting another person’s recommendation over content created by a brand.
  7. Incentivize Customer Purchases: Provide your customers with incentives for purchases, such as discounts, free shipping, free gifts, and more. This will help you draw in new customers and retain existing customers.

Of course, a healthy mix between a Social Commerce and E-Commerce Marketing Strategy is all your brand needs to start selling your products quicker and more efficiently. To craft a robust strategy that engages, sells, and intrigues customers across the wide plains of the internet, consider connecting with MDH Digital and we will help you get there!