Market Dealer | Why Take C-Commerce when there is eCommerce?
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Why Take C-Commerce when there is eCommerce?

Why Take C-Commerce when there is eCommerce?

What needs to be understood is that the global pandemic did not start the ‘great digital migration’, but it certainly catalyzed the process. Spending more time at home has made many people, worldwide, retreated to digital to gratify the social connectedness and retail therapy we have been missing. Before personalization, retail therapy was just personal – as it was easy to get advice or help from a store owner or associate.

Today, we have lost that human element due to the drastic shift to online consumerism. This is why Conversational Commerce is and will become ‘the shift to digital’s latest hope for humanity.

Global e-commerce sales were 81% higher in May 2020 than in the previous year.

– ACI Worldwide Research



What is Conversational Commerce?

“Conversational Commerce is what happens when marketers take the best of E-Commerce and combine it with Social Media”.

-Stacey McLachlan

Conversational Commerce (or C-Commerce rather) is any online commerce activity that uses a conversational interface to speak directly to consumers. It can take the form of a chat box (bot or human), a messaging platform like WhatsApp/WeChat, or any other natural language interface (like Alexa).


C-Commerce is the process of selling your products directly on social media platforms, where 53%  of the world is situated – so why not take advantage of this lucrative global village? With Conversational Commerce, you can provide a seamless shopping experience for your customers – from product discovery, research, to check-outs and more – without even leaving the platform!

What is so amazing about C-Commerce is that it is unique to all the other forms of marketing communications because it is solely controlled by the customer and their willingness to engage with the brand of interest. Although the customer is wearing the pants in this relationship, they still “WANT TO” allow the brand to help them pick out a ‘cool pair’.

84% of customers say the experience a company provides is as important as its products and services – up to 80% of consumers said this in 2018

– Sales Force Research

What Factors Drove the Era of C-Commerce?

  • The Adoption of the Smartphone – the rise of unattainable and unreliable internet, combined with smartphone affordability led to many people worldwide disregarding the PC era.
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) – providing 24/7, 365 customer service became more and more difficult as brands and the demand for the brands grew. Therefore, AI-Driven capabilities became a necessity for brands who want to deliver quality customer service at scale.
  • Customer Expectations – messaging apps have revolutionized the way we communicate, in turn, people started demanding the same type of communication style (that they have with each other) from brands. Furthermore, people ‘EXPECT’ the communication to be direct, on-demand, convenient, and timely.
  • Consumer Experience is a Differentiating Factor – the world is full of options that consumers have at their fingertips. Therefore, providing unforgettable consumer experiences is a vital competitive advantage.



What does all this Mean to You?

The ability of a brand to study, learn, cater to, and talk to its consumers can drive customers to make a purchase decision. Some brands use C-Commerce in a targeted way for specific customer needs, and others have created complex customer service interfaces to reduce call wait times.


Once you have studied your consumers’ journey, you can target where C-Commerce can provide the most value and have the greatest impact on the consumers’ experience and your business.
Start by identifying and solving an unmet consumer need, then use C-Commerce to solve that unmet need, this strategic approach will keep you focussed on what you should do going forward.

Delivery next-level C-Commerce experiences with MDH Digital today. Simply connect with us at any time and let us get conversational with you and your consumers!